News From the Street & Environmental Services Department

News From the Street & Environmental Services Department

The Street & Environmental Services and the Engineering Department have been busy repaving and repairing roads, cleaning ditches and insuring that the neighborhood is kept free of all debris. This is not an inclusive list but represents some of our recent accomplishments.

We just finished repairing and paving the Westbound lane of 11th Street S.E out to 6th Avenue.

A portion of Spring Avenue from Clearview to Bradly was resurfaced. Vestavia has been paved all the way through and looks really nice. It’s been a long time coming but it was worth the wait.

With the help of the County Commission, Old S0merville Rd in the Priceville area was resurfaced. The 10th St N.E. project is nearing completion. This is the one where a considerable subsidence occurred in the street and along the curb. The new storm drainpipe, curb and gutter has been finished with some landscaping and driveway work left to be done. In addition, Leighsdale Avenue and Douthit Street have received a new surface as well.

The Engineering Department will be replacing the old pipe under 13th St NW, (the concrete bridge) starting the 25th or 26th of this month. Please make arrangements to find an alternate route. The road will be shut down from just north of 1st St. NW to south of 2nd St. NW. There will be some challenges getting to and from school but the wait will be worth it. Also, please remember to pay attention to the construction signage and flagmen.

The Solid Waste Department continues to make progress with their new routes in collecting the roadside and alleyway debris. If you have time, we encourage you to meet the staff that are dedicated to your area. They might be able to share some pointers with you to reduce the amount of work for both you and them. Spring is here so the yard maintenance will be in full swing and the piles of debris on the streets and in the alleys will get larger. Please do not impede traffic flow by blocking the view of motorist when placing your items out for collection. Remember, you can place your leaves and grass in your containers. When putting your yard waste out for collection, please do not pile it next to structures such as mailboxes, fences, automobiles and equipment sheds.

The spring compost giveaway will be next week on the 27th and 28th. Compost will be delivered to the Wilson Morgan parking lot beginning at 8:00 AM on both mornings. Don’t forget, you can come to the Landfill and pick up there to. Speaking of the Landfill, we are about to finish the installation of a new fourteen acre lined cell for waste disposal. This project cost approximately 1.9 million dollars so your monthly waste collection fees are hard at work.

If you need help with anything related to waste collection, road maintenance or you have Landfill concerns, please call us at 256-341-4740. Even if you have a concern that is not in our area of expertise, call us anyway, we just might be able to help with that too.


Rickey D. Terry
Street and Environmental Services