Blog Update from City of Decatur Street and Environmental Services

In regards to cart service, the Street & Environmental Services Department continues to run their scheduled routes. We have a heavy concentration of our work force dedicated to collecting Sanitary Waste, (waste placed in carts). It is important that our staff completes their assigned duties and gets back home to their families as soon as possible. This helps reduce employee to employee contamination and be better prepared should the COVID-19 Virus linger longer than expected.

We’re asking residents to discontinue placing large and bulky items out for collection. Once we’re able to return to our normal schedules, we’ll dedicate a heavy concentration of our staff on collecting this waste. In order to maintain adequate staffing throughout the life of the COVID-19 virus, and to help us utilize our staff in the most efficient means possible, this service must be limited. Cutting trees and trimming bushes can be delayed during this challenging time. We will have a few trucks running routes across the City but there are no scheduled days. This service will be extremely limited, so be patient.

You can help us better serve you by placing all of your grass clippings, leaves and small debris in either of your two carts. Not only will this insure this type of waste is collected weekly, it will assist us in making Decatur a cleaner City. Sometimes it’s the little things that have the greatest impact. Please work with us during this challenging time and utilize your carts to the fullest extent. Should you need additional carts, they’re available for a small fee.

If you have questions, please call our office at 256-341-4740.

Thank You,
Rickey Terry, Director