Blog Update – Street and Environmental Services

The Street and Environmental Services Department has ended the leaf collection season and performing those duties on an as needed basis. That service will end within the next two to three weeks as we transition back to maintaining our streets and drainages. We’re excited about getting back to road repairs, curb and gutter maintenance, sidewalk repairs and other maintenance needs. This has been a really cold winter which has reduced the time we could spend out on the streets.

We want to encourage our residents to call 256-341-4740 when they see an issue that needs attention. We’ll complete a work order and assign it to the most appropriate team member. The work order is a vital part of our maintenance system. For instance, we may have already made a repair at a particular location but yet continue to receive calls for the same issue. The work order allows us to verify that the repair has or has not been completed and helps us provide you with an informed reply.

As we move towards the spring season, we want to remind all of our citizens that some items placed in the alley or on the street for collection, can’t always be collected. For a complete list of those items, please visit our web-site, This information can be found in the Solid Waste Section and in other areas of the website.

In general, construction material of any kind such as fencing, carpet, sheet rock demolition material, trees taken down by a contractor or any brush over five feet long and four inches in diameter whether a contractor is utilized or not will not be collected. Also, we don’t pick up grass and leaves that has been placed on the curb by a contractor. Please have the contractor take the material to the Landfill at 500 Landfill Drive, Trinity.

The policies and ordinances that governs our day to day operations can be found under the City Clerk section of the City’s web-site. If you have a doubt, please give us a call at 256-341-4740 so we may assist you. We appreciate our citizens and ask for your help in Keeping Decatur Clean.  We want our City to set the standard for others to follow. Your input, feedback and ideas are always welcomed.