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Project Updates


Shady Grove Lane

Phase 1 is complete minus the final striping.  We have 2 easements that remain to obtain and phase 2 of the project will begin.  I anticipate being able to start phase 2 in April or May and finishing up in late summer/early fall.

Spring Avenue Widening:

As of 12/31/19 the project is currently at a completion level of approximately 35-40% based on the contract dollar amount.  The weather has played a major part in hindering the project from moving at a faster pace over the past couple of months.  The contractor will continue to work on various storm drainage pipes and structures during the wet winter months, as well as continue the large retaining wall to be constructed between Rigel Drive and Tammy Street.  When Spring arrives with more optimal weather the earthwork required for the widening will be finished up on the southbound side of the road and soon after work will begin to focus more on the northbound side of the road.  It should be pointed out that the asphalt surface travelers have seen installed in some areas and have been driving on is NOT the final surface.  There is much work left to be done over the coming year.  The project is estimated for a completion at the end of 2019.

Modaus Road Share-Use Trail:

An 8-ft wide asphalt shared-use path will be constructed along Modaus Road.  A crosswalk with signalization will be installed at Jack Allen Park.  The path will then take pedestrians into the park long a newly traffic striped section of the park entrance roadway.  Work will be on the southern shoulder of the roadway from the Jack Allen Park entrance at Recreation Drive and will travel east to Carrington Drive.  Project start date is estimated to be March 1, 2019.  Project is expected to be completed sometime in late July if not sooner.

Moulton Street Resurfacing:

Project Completed.

Spring Avenue Utilities Relocations:

Project Completed.

West Moulton Street Widening:

Project Completed.

Indian Hills / AL 67 Intersection Realignment:

Project Completed.

Resurfacing Projects

We competed 6 of the 12 projects on our paving list before Christmas.  We will continue paving this spring when the weather is better.

Carl Prewitt, PE