Park and Recreation Mowing Completed August 25th

Hand Ditch Location/Address Date
Hwy. 20 around Ingalls Harbor 8/23/19
R/R Walking Bridge next to Gobble Fite Lumber 8/23/19
R/R Bridge on Hwy. 20 NW 8/23/19
R/R Walking Bridge next to Old Depot 8/23/19
310 Church St. NW 8/23/19
Church St NW & McCartney St. NW 8/23/19
309 Monroe St. NW 8/22/19
405 Monroe St. NW 8/22/19
201 11th Ave. NW to 12th Ave. NW 8/23/19
202 10th Ave. NW to 11th Ave. NW 8/23/19
118 4th Ave. NW 8/22/19
Decatur Shopping Center on Moulton St. NW-Dollar General 8/19/19
West Moulton St. from Dollar General out to Beltline NW 8/19/19
Cut V Shaped area at intersection of West Moulton & Old Moulton Rd. 8/19/19
Old Moulton Rd. behind Nafco both sides of Road. 8/19/19
2301-2319 Cumberland Ave. SW 8/19/19
2302-2310 Cumberland Ave. SW 8/19/19
2310-2319 Cumberland Ct. SW 8/19/19
Guardrail at Danville Rd. Holding Pond SW 8/19/19
8th St. SW behind Crossroads Grocery both sided of Street. 8/19/19
Central Parkway from 8th St. SW to 1st St. SW 8/19/19
Central Parkway next to Turner Pest Control SW 8/19/19
Hwy. 67 from Lynn Layton out to Deere Rd. SE (Sunday 25th) 8/25/19
Hwy. 20 from Beltline Rd. to Hwy. 31 (Sunday 25th) 8/25/19
Additional Areas Completed  
Hwy 31 South from Lynn Layton to Flint Big A 8/22/19


Right of Way Location/Address Date
Hwy. 67 from Lynn Layton to Deere Rd. (Sunday 25th) 8/25/19
Hwy. 20 from Beltline Rd. to Hwy.  (Sunday 25th) 8/25/19
Backwater Canal off 2nd St. NW 8/19/19
Finley Dr. NW 8/19/19
Railroad St. NW next to Depot 8/19/19
Church St. NW 8/19/19
Davis St. NW 8/19/19
Washington St. NW along R/R Tracks 8/19/19
Memorial Dr. NW next to Carrie Matthews St. 8/19/19
Carrie Matthews Ditches NW 8/19/19
Ditch between 11th Ave. & 12th Ave. NW 8/20/19
Ditch Between 12th Ave. & 13th Ave. NW 8/20/19
Ditch behind Monroe St. NW up to small bridge 8/20/19
16th Ave. NW Ditch 8/20/19
West Moulton St. NW out past Sale Barn 8/20/19
Old Moulton Rd. NW 8/20/19
Canterbury Ditch NW To Wet
2nd  St. SW by Cemetery 8/20/19
Old Moulton Rd. from Brookline Ave. SW to Woodall Rd. SW 8/23/19
Sherwood Oaks SW 8/23/19
Red Sunset SW 8/23/19
Woodall Rd. SW 8/23/19
Shady Grove Ln. SW 8/23/19
Bunny Ln. SW 8/23/19
Modus Rd. SW 8/23/19
Additional Areas Completed  
Hwy. 31 South from Lynn Layton to Flint Big A 8/22/19

Paul B. Floyd, CPRP

Facilities & Operations Manager