Parks and Recreation Mowing Update, Week of May 13th


Hwy. 67 from Lynn Layton out to Deere Rd. SE

Beltline Rd. from Lynn Layton to Hwy. 20

Hwy. 24 from Beltline out to Woodall Rd. SW

Hwy. 20 from Beltline to Hwy. 31

Spring Ave. & Vestavia Ditches SW

Red Hat Rd. NW

State Docks Rd. NW

Sandlin SW

Country Club/Stratford/Woodmont Ditches

Danville Rd. Holding Pond-Presbyterian

Oaklea/Fairground/Home Depot Ditches

Wimberly Dr. SW

4th Ave. SW

Clearview Ditches SW

Chapel Hill Rd. SW

South Chapel Hill Rd. SW

Chula Vista SW

Falls Bluff SW

Mud Tavern Rd. SW

Milligan St. SW

Ditch Between 5th Ave. SW & 8th St. SW

Home Depot Ditches/Battlement SW

Kathy Lane SW

Castleman Dr. SW

Columns Way SW

Gaslight Ave. SW

Saginaw Lane SW

Cumberland Ave. SW

Buckingham Gate SW

Heath Puckett, CPRP, CGCS

Parks Superintendent | Parks & Recreation