Parks and Recreation | ROW Mowing Update week of June 3rd

Market St. NE Ditches

Field between Holly and Cherry 8th Ave.

Hwy. 31 South from Lynn Layton to Flint Big A

Spring Ave. SW

Danville Rd. SW

Flint Area Ditches

31 North from River Bridge out to Calhoun College

Central Parkway Ditches SW (Beltline South)

Ditch Between Main Ave. and Central Parkway.

Eastmeade & Magnolia St. SE

Park St. SE

18th Ave. SE & Birch St. SE

13th St. SE

Ditch Between Subway and Brakes for Less on Hwy. 31 S.

Rural Grove Rd. SE & Indian Hills Rd. SE

Choctaw Dr. SE

Burningtree Dr. SE

14th St. Overpass next to Public Works

Guardrail behind Old Ruby Tuesday’s close to Lowes

Danville Road Holding Pond Guardrail

Market Street NE under Hwy. 31 Bridge

Heath Puckett, CPRP, CGCS

Parks Superintendent | Parks & Recreation