Parks/Recreation Mowing Production Between April 8-14

Red Hat Road NW

State Docks Rd. NW

Independence Drive NW

Commercial Dr. NW

Cedar Lake/Sexton R/R Areas

Old Hwy. 31 in front of Training Center

Poole Valley Rd. SW

Central Parkway SW

Main Ave. SW

Linnet Ave. SW

Dustin Ave. SW

Matthews Ave. SW

Ray Ave. SW

Flint SW Areas

Chapel Hill Rd. SW

Chula Vista SW

Falls Bluff SW

Gaslight Ditches SW

Cumberland Ave. Ditches SW

Jarvis/McNair Ditches SW

Milligan St. Ditch SW

Field off 8th Ave. NE between Holly and Cherry NE

Church & Market St. NE R/R Ditches

Wally World/Regency Ditches NE

Wilson & Hwy. 20 Ditches NW

310 Church St. NW, Corner of Church St. NW & McCartney St. NW

Beside 309 Monroe St. NW

Beside 405 Monroe St. NW

11th Ave. NW Ditches, Beside 201 11th Ave. NW to 12th Ave. NW

Beside 202 10th Ave. NW to 11th Ave. NW

Decatur Shopping Center, In front of 202-312 16th Ave. NW

Beside 118 4th Ave. NW

Corner of Railroad St. NW & Hwy. 20 NW

Walking Bridge on Market St. NW

Railroad Bridge on Hwy. 20

West Moulton St. NW out to Beltline Rd.

Old Moulton Rd. behind Nafco out to Canturbury St. SW

1201-1205 Cantwell St. SW

1206-1306 Cantwell St. SW

1505-1507 Chadwell St. SW

1206-1306 Byron Ave. SW

1205 Kathy Ln. SW

1204 Kathy Ln. SW

1203 Castleman Dr. SW

2709-2723 Columns Way SW

1903-1905 Gaslight Ave. SW

1703-1705 Saginaw Ln. SW

1705-1717 Saginaw Ln. SW

Brookline St. SW Between Apt. 4

2614-2630 Buckingham Gate SW

Tobacco Outlet area of 6th Ave. SE

Between Knight St. SE and Burger King on 6th Ave. SE

1006 Bedford Dr. SW

1007 Bedford Dr. SW

Modaus Road SW

1205-1215 Plaza St. SE