Thank You!


I could write “Thank You” daily for affording me the opportunity to represent our City as mayor.  I have lived in Decatur 58 of almost 60 wonderful years and I love our city.  Now I get a different view of our wonderful community; I get to see and hear the magnificent “good” that is happening in Decatur, Alabama!

I can’t go into all the joys I experienced serving our City last week, but I can tell you that I:

  • Leave our house praying each day
  • Visited Austinville Elementary School on Monday to learn about their interior renovations
  • Attended our Rotary Club meeting, sat with and introduced Cole Burton and heard him tell his amazing story
  • Met with our bond representative
  • Attended and participated in a City Council Work Session
  • Led a small group Bible study lesson in Joshua 10:29-12
  • Enjoyed a ride with Morgan County Commission Chairman Long to attend the National Space Council Meeting
  • Visited with MSFC Director Jody Singer. Former MSFC Director Todd May. Redstone Arsenal Garrison Commander Colonel Chelsey Smith.  Mayors Tommy Battle and Paul Finley
  • Listened to Vice President Pence share about our future role in space exploration within a 25 minute ride from Decatur as he Chaired the Space Council, per the direction of the President of the United States
  • Attended a meeting regarding Decatur’s support for Rotary International, President-Elect, Mark Maloney (Decatur resident)
  • Paticipated in a community meeting with District Four (4) City Council Member, Kristi Hill
  • I saw our youngest granddaughter crawl for the first time with her first sparkling new tooth
  • Served as a NARCOG Executive Team Member
  • Served as a NARCOG Board Member
  • Received a text informing me that our friend Jim King had passed away
  • Left the NARCOG meeting to attend John Woller’s visitation
  • Left John Woller’s visitation to attend Billy Roy King’s visitation
  • Returned to City Hall to enjoy lunch with Susan Hood and Zoe Watkins as Emme Long and Brad Phillips helped prepare for the State of the City Address
  • Enjoyed time with my friends playing racquetball late in the afternoon before I shared the State of the City Address
  • I had the joy of sharing our State of the City Address along with a wonderful supporting cast
  • Participated in a Chamber led Residential Growth Committe meeting
  • Met with a Parking consultant
  • Attended the Leon Sheffield Science Fair
  • Attended the United Way Celebration
  • Signed closing documents for a home at the Seville
  • Attended a Rocket RV ribbon cutting and had my picture made with John Seymour while standing next to Trace Adkins
  • Attended Decatur Girls Softball Opening Ceremonies
  • Attended Jim King’s visitation
  • Attended PALS Decatur Youth Services Banquet at the former Brookhaven Middle School

That is a few of the joys and sorrows I can share that you may or may not have seen on my social media updates.  I also had the opportunity to manage the daily affairs of our city, including returned phone calls and emails to citizens and others.

Either way you look at it, I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve our City.  Thank you for being so supportive as we manage our City during this wonderful season of properity!

My Best, Tab