Update From Street and Environmental Services

Gutters are Great!

They are built along the edge of our streets to carry surface water into our storm-water system.

Some things to consider.

  • When you are out and about, save those wrappers, bags and bottles until you arrive at your destination and can dispose of them properly. Don’t be a litterbug!
  • Bag your household garbage before tossing it into your cart. Loose items can blow in the wind when the cart is emptied and end up in the storm drains.
  • Do not put debris piles in the street. These can be a hazard to pedestrians, cyclists, and motor vehicles.  Not only can they stop up the drains and cause flooding, but when they are washed into the drains they become pollutants in our waterways.

So…Let’s keep those gutters clean so that the storm water, when it comes, flowing.